Mergers and Acquisitions

Through our seasoned business partners, we provide expert merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory to companies with revenues between $25 million and $250 million. Our business partners have successfully completed hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value with primary clients typically consisting of privately held, closely held family owned businesses.

Seller Services

The scope of sell-side assignments varies depending on the goals of each business owner. In the past, mandates have ranged from resolving family business succession issues through complete divestitures to providing business owners with liquidity and estate diversification through minority or majority equity recapitalizations. The scope of the firm’s involvement has ranged from full scale representation, in which the firm prepares the Information Memorandum, identifies potential buyers and negotiates the transaction, to special assignments in which the firm may be retained to negotiate a specific transaction with a previously identified buyer or investor.

A typical sell-side assignment involves three phases:

The goal of our company’s investment bankers is to expedite the process by charting a safe path through the difficult steps between signed LOI and successful closing. To speed the process, the banker must anticipate problems, provide proven solutions, advise the client on business issues while the M&A law firm advises on legal issues. In this way, our partners prove their worth and aid the client in attaining his financial and wealth-building goals.

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