Capital Markets

Through our seasoned company partners, we provide expert capital market advisory for any private company or municipality in any industry, partnership or new venture seeking a minimum of $5 million to refinance their current debt for a less expensive option, for acquisition of another business, property, equipment, portfolio(s) and/or asset(s) of any kind, or for development of a property, facility, or project. Our business partners have successfully completed billions of dollars in transaction value through a variety of different projects ranging $5 million to $949 million.

Investment Grade Corporate and Municipal Bonds

We offer a unique and proprietary financing solution called the Fully Funded Bond Program (“FFBP”). This program is designed to help businesses across all industries have access to debt and equity capital that carries terms significantly better than any equity partner or bank can offer. The FFBP’s best uses are for refinancing’s, recapitalizations, acquisitions and development deals.

Ideal Candidates for the FFBP Program

Any asset that can be independently valued by a third party can be pledged as collateral to secure a bond. Collateral can vary, however the more illiquid the asset, the larger the discount that is placed on the asset. Examples of collateral include cash, bonds, stocks, company cash flow, real-estate, personal assets, precious jewels and gemstones, vehicles, etc. Personal guarantees are accepted but are not required. By using the pledged asset(s), the project is then marketed to banking partners that carry an A1/P1 credit rating which will use the pledged collateral to issue a direct pay letter of credit (DPLC). The DPLC is used as a credit enhancement so that the bond carries the bank’s rating. This structure allows the borrower the lowest cost of lending. The borrower is also offered the ability to roll all fees (legal, accounting, bond house, etc.) into the bond offering. In some cases (mostly development opportunities) interest on the bond for the first few years of a project can be raised as part of the bond offering thus ensuring interest payments are made until the project can produce cash flow.

  • Term: 5-30 years
  • Interest Rate: 12-month LIBOR + 1-3%
  • Interest Rate Mode: variable
  • LTV: 60%
  • Prepayment Penalty: No
  • Fees: 4-8% All-inclusive if preferred (legal, accounting, bond house)
  • Time to funding: 4-6 months
  • Loan size: $5,000,000-$1,000,000,000
  • Approved uses: Open

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