About Us

Logan Wood

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Logan@vertex-funding.com (806) 382-2435

Logan graduated from Texas Tech University as a Cum Laude with honors in Petroleum Engineering. As a drilling supervisor for an offshore drillship in the Gulf of Mexico operated by ExxonMobil, Logan oversaw and managed the daily multi-million-dollar operations in a multi-billion-dollar project. The daily operations required crafting new processes, procedures, and methods to improve business profitability and reduce overhead/daily costs which resulted in a cost-savings of over $50 Million dollars.

Logan was scouted by Armor Wealth Management straight out of college where he was a personal financial planner and helped draft financial solutions for individuals and businesses. Logan was quickly promoted and began helping businesses with their group benefits, key man insurance, buy-sell agreements, and “golden handcuffs”. During this time, Logan’s daily exposure to larger companies showed a need for alternative financing options.

Logan founded Vertex Funding in 2017 with a desire to provide alternative financing options to businesses of all stages. Logan’s knowledge in investment banking continues to grow as Vertex Funding provides unique financial strategies to companies of all sizes. Vertex Funding now hosts thousands of lenders, buyers, and investors to assist hundreds of companies with unique financing options ranging from thousands of dollars up to billions of dollars. The company is flourishing, and Logan is eager for its growth and expansion.

Lance Wood

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Lance@vertex-funding.com (817) 691-7218

Lance started his career in the Marine Corps as a data network and cyber-security professional stationed overseas. During Lance’s 5-year term serving in the Marine’s supply regiments and communication squadrons overseas and in combat zones, Lance trained, managed and led large groups of Marines for intercontinental satellite, ground and aerial data network communications on over 40 military exercises spread out across multiple countries in each exercise. Whether Lance was on the front lines in Afghanistan as a member of a tiger team solving complex aerial and ground communications issues or training his Marines, Lance’s quickly grew as both a leader and a problem-solver.

After Lance’s honorable discharge from the Marine Corp, Lance worked for several contracting companies for the Department of Defense. Between his time in the Marines and his time as a contractor, Lance spent close to a decade internationally providing services for each branch of the military ranging from managing virtualized networking infrastructure solutions for the Marines, managing the Army’s Commanding General’s aerial command and control systems, and finally providing critical network and cyber-security services for the Navy’s hospital and for the Air Force’s medical centers. Using the Marine Corp’s leadership traits, core values, determination and initiative, Lance developed his character, work ethic and mentality using his experiences overseas interacting with various foreign countries cultures both personally and professionally. Lance learned by analyzing his environment, seeking out knowledge, and developing a mentality of always looking at both traditional and untraditional solutions when problem solving.

During this time, Lance completed his studies at University of Maryland University College in Networking and Cyber-Security, with electives in business administration and Japanese culture, obtaining his bachelor’s degree. Lance returned to the United States and transitioned his career into IT and financial consulting within the corporate sector for clients like Gemalto, Catapult Systems, and Ball Corporation.

While consulting for numerous companies, Lance’s passion grew for entrepreneurship due to the financial struggles encountered by companies of all sizes. Lance began discussions with Logan for a full-service investment banking consulting firm that could help provide companies, entrepreneurs, investors and lenders of all sizes with financial solutions that could make their ideas become attainable.